Bottom of the Funnel


Your focus is to create great products, ours is to create great stories for it! The product description has the ability to make or break a sale; make sure not to lose business because of poorly written product descriptions.

What is the Bottom of the Funnel?

Bottom-of-the-Funnel content facilitates conversion. Support your leads throughout the buyer’s journey towards the moment of truth – purchase. Bottom-of-the-Funnel should have a focus on delivering unique content designed to satisfy your customer needs that facilitate conversion. And should make it easier for potential customers to choose you over your competitors.

Why Should you care?

Bottom-of-the-Funnel content helps to increase your conversion covering three important aspects essential to your business:

  • Nurture Leads by keeping your audience engaged
  • Convert leads into customers by delivering content that focuses on their needs.
  • Grow Sales sending unique, easy to understand and compelling content 

How Can We Help?

Polylead’s experts have a vast experience in optimizing content to use the words at their biggest impact mixed with your icons, photos, and custom designs to turn your story into a unique masterpiece both compelling and encouraging customer action.

Our content deliverables:

  • White papers, E-books
  • Premium Gated Pieces of Content
  • Comparison /spec sheets

Ready for Action?

Talk to us about your needs for Bottom-of-the-Funnel Content: