4 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Talk About in Your Content

BY Alexandre François

The time has come at last. Artificial intelligence is no longer just about blockbuster movies. Technological progress is real, with numerous AI startups, tech companies, and applications already taking the world by storm.

There is still a long way before AI goes fully mainstream, however. Misconceptions about the technology and its applications — machine learning, natural language processing, robotics, among others — often result in inflated expectations, skepticism, and ethical concerns.

So how can you use content to send positive messages to your audience? What does it take to convince users and decision-makers about the benefits of AI? One approach is to talk about trends and stats and show what’s really going on.

Investments in AI will continue to grow

The numbers are clear and adamant: The industry is growing, and more and more companies seek ways to implement AI as part of their business processes. Building on that, you can convince and reassure disbelievers by highlighting market growth.

  • AI software will grow from $1.4 billion in 2016 to $59.8 billion by 2025 (Tractica)
  • 64% of CIOs will make investments in machine learning by 2020, compared to 32% in 2017 (ServiceNow)
  • The natural language processing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 24% between 2017 and 2023 (Market Research Futures)

AI is increasingly perceived as strategic

Does AI really provide value? If your prospective clients still think it’s hype, emphasize how c-level executives perceiv how AI to boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve both customer and job satisfaction.

  • 79% of the executives surveyed around the globe believe artificial intelligence will make their job easier and more efficient (The Economist)
  • 69% of CIOs say decisions made by machines will be more accurate than those made by humans (ServiceNow)
  • 44% of executives say that delaying AI implementation will make their business vulnerable to new, disruptive tech start-ups (The Economist)

Machines and humans will support each other’s work

Is AI going to leave humans unemployed? We’re not there yet, and probably will never be. The way machines and people process information is very different, opening the door to many synergies and more exciting human work.

  • 67% of business execs believe leveraging AI will help humans and machines work together (PwC)
  • 63% of consumers agree AI will help solve complex problems that plague our society (PwC)
  • 51% of early adopters believe that workers and AI/cognitive technologies are likely to augment each other to produce new ways of working (Deloitte)

AI already delivers value today

Many business leaders argue that the real value of AI will only become available a decade from now or more. But is it so? AI already fits into operations and contributes to revenue growth, better customer and user experience, as well as efficiencies across supply chains.

  • 83% of early adopters of AI technologies have achieved either moderate or substantial benefits (Deloitte)
  • Online sales can increase by 30% through AI-empowered dynamic pricing and personalization (McKinsey)
  • Machine learning and smart sensors can boost energy production by 20% optimizing assets’ yield (McKinsey)


While we can expect a lot more from AI in the foreseeable future, existing technologies and applications can surely give businesses an edge today.

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Alexandre François

Chief Content Strategist, Polylead

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