About Polylead and the Team

About Polylead and the Team

Polylead was founded in 2016 with the ambition to offer stellar digital content services that play a pivotal role in the marketing and sales efforts of B2B startups and technology enterprises. Fast track to 2019, we have established a network of like-minded customers who relies on the value of a well-planned and -executed content strategy to support the launch and market share growth of their products and services.


Polylead draws energy and insight from a diverse group of communication professionals, avid researchers, and seasoned writers, bound together by a passion for technology and content.


Our work — hundreds of content pieces among which blog posts, guest posts, white papers, product sheets, press releases, and more — has been published on various client websites, highly-reputable tech publications, as well as online communities and forums, and have lent an influencing voice to decision makers and respected thought leaders in both cybersecurity and technology spheres.


Walking the talk about the importance of content and the positive difference it can make for B2B startups and technology enterprises, we are also in the process of launching our own tech-related publications.